FOOD GUIDE: Udon (うどん)


Udon (うどん), a type of thick wheat noodle that is well-known in Japan.  The popularity of Udon amongst the Japanese could be seen by the number of Udon shops everywhere. Sometimes dubbed as the ‘budget friendly’ food, locals and tourists alike would flock to the nearby Udon shops for a quick meal.

Generally, Udon is served either hot or cold. It could also come in soup, or served ‘dry’ with a dipping sauce called ‘Mentsuyu’.

In different regions, Udon carries different thickness and texture. As the flavor of the noodles are mild, Udon can be used in a variety of ways. Sometimes, certain restaurants would pair a small bowl of Udon with another rice-based dish to become a special Set Menu. In certain other restaurants, you can even order side dishes like Tempura to go with your Udon.

In some countries, fresh Udon is not widely available. Some tourists have mentioned about the wonderful taste of fresh Udon they had in Japan. So, do remember to give Udon a try when you are in Japan!