FOOD GUIDE: Unagi and Anago (うなぎ、 あなご)

Unagi and Anago are Japanese word for eels. Unagi is fresh water eel whereas Anago is saltwater eel. They are used in different Japanese dishes like Sushi or as a main dish like in Unagi don (ell rice bowl). They are barbecued and served with different sauces. Both Unagi and Anago are small slender eels that are cooked in different fashion as per their nature.

Barbequed Unagi and Anago are a popular choice in Japan. They are grilled and served with different sauces. The most famous sauce that is served with Unagi and Anago is, Kabayaki which is slightly sweet in taste.

Price-wise, Unagi is slightly on the expensive side while Anago has less fat. Both could be served with sushi and rice or noodles.

Unagi is the most loved summer food in Japan. It is highly nutritious, which makes it the favorite in scorching heat. Also, Unagi is synonymous with Kawagoe.  But you can easily find Unagi and Anago around Japan.

While both has different tastes, you should consider trying both to have a better idea. This is definitely one of the “must-try” Japanese specialty when you visit Japan!