FOOD GUIDE: Vegetarian


Fancy a nice Japanese-styled Curry to satisfy your curiosity but afraid of breaking your Vegetarian diet? Look no further, our dear vegetarian lover, for the vegetarian diet is slowly picking up in Japan!

Vegetables in Japan tastes different from other countries, as they are very fresh and crispy. If it delights you more, they are sometimes served raw with mouthwatering sauces served at the side to enhance the taste.

Chefs are constantly experimenting with different vegetables, incorporating Japanese flavors in them.  Mochi is the most commonly found vegetarian dish in Japan which is served in form of rice cakes served with fried of grilled vegetables. It soothes the tummy and creates a cool aroma.

Japanese always add vegetables in all their dishes now. Tempura is not just made of prawns or chicken, vegetable Tempura is also common.

Remember to try the vegetable pickles, served to enhance the flavor of the food served and give a new taste to fried dishes.

Japan has a unique view on the concept of “vegetarian” food. Vegetarians in Japan do consume fish. As such, we recommend you to ask the Chef if you are Vegan!