FOOD GUIDE: Yuba (湯葉)

Yuba (湯葉, ゆば) or tofu skin is a by-product of tofu in Japanese cuisine. Gently heating soy milk forms a thin layer on top as a film. This layer is removed and either packed fresh immediately or after drying it. Till date, there is a lot debate about its history and whether Chinese monks brought it to Japan or someone else did.

Two famous cities in Japan for Yuba are Kyoto and Nikko. Interestingly enough, the word Yuba is written differently in Kyoto (湯葉)as well as in Nikko (湯波). But not to worry, they are still pronounced the same (ゆば).

Yuba has become an essential part of Japanese food. Its mild taste and chewy texture like that of mozzarella cheese make it a perfect choice to combine with any other type of food. Have it floating in a broth, drizzled on with soy sauce and a hint of wasabi, or used as wrapping around meat and vegetables; Yuba can fit just perfectly anywhere.

If you are a vegetarian, substitute meat with Yuba and enjoy an even healthier option than tofu with higher protein content and zero cholesterol.