Attention Muslim Travelers! Japan is Hosting Grand Halal Expo 2015 This Month!

Are you about to book your flights to Japan, or have you already started packing? If you have not, please hurry up or a golden chance to witness the grandest exhibition in the world; will slip from your hands! Yes, YoucoJAPAN hits the internet with a bang, being the lead sponsor of Japan Halal Expo 2015. That sure is quite an awesome entry don’t you think?


Japan hala expo by youcojapan



What’s this entire buzz about?

Japan holds a grand Halal exhibition every year, inviting thousands of foreign delegates as well as local Muslims in Japan to come and marvel the evolving and expanding Halal food market in Japan. This year’s celebrations and preparations are pointing out that Halal Expo 2015 will be richer, bigger and much more magnificent than its predecessors. You don’t believe me? See for yourself and visit for more details!


halal expo japan - youcojapan


But what is is a one stop solution website for Muslim visitors and local businessmen. It provides detailed information on famous Muslim friendly destinations, Halal restaurants, Muslim Friendly hotels, travel guides and business consultation to those entrepreneurs who want to expand their business into newer Muslim markets. YoucoJAPAN has always worked towards the best interests of the Muslim community in Japan as well as worldwide. It has been sponsoring Muslim friendly interests since its conception. This year YouCo Japan decided to go big and sponsored this sumptuous Halal exhibition. It has also taken up the responsibility to accommodate in all possible ways, the needs of Muslim tourists who will come and visit this exhibition as it does for all other tourists visiting Japan. logo


So what should you expect from Japan Halal Expo 2015?

Halal Expo 2015 has given high hopes to all Muslims in Japan as well as throughout the globe. This platform that YouCo Japan I so proudly sponsoring, is not only aimed at pitching lucrative business deals, it aims at a purpose much higher. This provides a social platform for people to engage and get to know each other. The best part is you get to meet people without having to pay any fees and enjoy free samples of awesome Halal food. There will be stalls where companies put up their best Halal products and attract the masses. Many people learn about unique Halal products that they had never even heard of which increases local demand too. Locals are usually very delighted as they get to meet people from similar backgrounds and it’s an entirely casual ambiance.


Food at Japan halal expo by youcojapan

Source: Japan Halal Expo

Intrigued? Read ahead for event details..

The event is all set to be held on 25th and 26th of November, 2015 from 10 AM to 5:00 PM local Japan time. The venue is Makuhari Messe Hotels. The entry is absolutely free and you can also pre register on the event website for a much smoother entry on event day. A complete layout of the event site is provided below for your help and guidance. For a more detailed information visit YouCo Japan!

See you at the exhibition!


japan halal expo room plan