A Foodie’s guide to famous Japanese Dishes

Tokyo; New York’s brother from another mother as some put it, is one of the most hustling bustling cities in the world. A centre of hyper trade and tourist activity, Tokyo attracts the masses majorly due to its rich with flavor, color and culture cuisine. In fact, Washoku, Japanese traditional cuisine, was recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage asset by UNESCO in December 2013, so speaking unofficially, Tokyo is the culinary capital of the world.

Generally speaking, when we think of Japanese food, we can only imagine sushi, but hey Japanese cuisine is so much more than sushi. It’s about distinct flavors, fresh vegetables, all sorts of meat and sea food, served raw, grilled, steamed or fried- all on a single plate. Every bite a pocket full of flavor and every spoon a desire for more and more. Hungry? Pretty sure you are by now. Here are famous Japanese dishes that will surely send you on a joy ride to food heaven. Bon Appétit!

A Foodie’s guide to famous Japanese Dishes


When it comes to Ramen (originally from China), there is no restaurant in Japan that doesn’t have it on their menu. Ramen is a soup with wheat noodles and one of the most famous and economical dishes in Japan. Ramen is served with a lot of variation in ingredients, suiting the preferences of the locals. You can go as wild as your imagination takes you and add whatever ingredient you want to have in the soup, noodles are a must though. The most famous among the locals is Shoyu Ramen which is clear brown broth flavored soup with noodles and served with Soy sauce.


It is a hybrid of pancake, pizza and taco. When it comes to food packed with flavors, Okonomiyaki is the dish that checks all boxes. It’s a pan fried batter like a pancake topped with cabbages and different toppings of all kinds, ranging from meat and seafood to vegetables, cheese, Soba, wasabi and different sauces. Okonomi; Japanese word meaning “to one’s liking” symbolizes the element of choice and variability of toppings in the name of the dish itself.


Slurrrrppppp!! Another famous noodle dish is Udon. These are thicker whiter noodles made of wheat and chewier than ramen and soba. They are available in nearly every restaurant. Unlike ramen, Udon are not necessarily served with soup, although they are served with meat, eggs and vegetables, both hot and cold.


Japanese owe it to the Portugese missionaries who introduced batter frying back in the 16th century. This here is a dish made from seafood and vegetable chunks that are dipped in a light batter and deep friend in sesame and canola oil. These fried, golden and crispy chunks are then served with a bowl of rice. A good fried tempura will always make a crisp sound and send your taste buds dancing.


“Help yourselves” as one may put it. Yakiniku is the Japanese version of Barbecue platter which the diners are allowed to cook themselves in griddles supplied in the middle of each table. Meat ranges from chicken, beef, mutton and pork to seafood and offal. It is an experience of its own kind.