How to convince Japanese people about Islam

It is common for Japanese people, especially young ones to assume they are not so religious compared to the people in the West or the Middle East.Therefore,for ones who have less religious encounters, it may be a little difficult for you, as a Muslim to explain why you take certain actions.Below is an  explanation you can use to convince curious Japanese people when just saying “because it is written in the Quran” or “because Allah says so” is not enough.

To begin with, acknowledging the notion of how Islam puts an emphasis on modesty and not acting upon desires may let Japanese people smoothly understand certain teachings of Islam.


Why do women have to cover their hair?

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In Islam, covering is not only about appearance. It means modesty, purity and dignity. Muslim women are advised to practice good speech, manner and behavior. In Japan, “Yamato Nadeshiko” could be equivalent to the ideal Muslim woman. “Yamatona Nadeshiko” is characterized as a shy, modest, pure and beautiful woman with good traits. You could also tell them that it is not only women who have to cover, but men are also encouraged to cover their bodylines and act modest.

Hope this article enhances cultural understanding between Japanese people and Muslims!

We will discuss about why Muslims fast in the next article. Please look forward to it 🙂


*The information in this article is based on subjective experience and discussion with several Muslims and Japanese. The author reserves the right not to be responsible for completeness, topicality, correctness or quality of the information provided.