How to pick the most “fresh” products at supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan:

1. Fish
Avoid fish that have elastic trunk, thick streaks or eyes that are smeared with blood. Also, remember that bred fish have smaller fins than genuine ones!



2. Milk and meat
Usually, old products are put out to the front. Try checking the expiry date. Most probably, you will find new products at the back. Make sure to pick out the products in a nice manner.



3. Bread
“Fresh bread” (Yakitate no pan) are not necessarily fresh all the time. Although it does smell fresh, it’s harmless food flavoring. Don’t be fooled!



4. Soft Drinks
Colder bottled drinks are usually shifted to the right side. By the way, what’s awesome about Japan is that, the store staff place cold and hot products in separate bags. How nice!



5. Frozen Food
Lightly hit the product and choose the one which is hardest. Avoid ones that have frost on the packs as they are neither fresh nor delicious!