Japan – A Shopaholics Fantasyland

I want this; I want that, I want that one too, I need this one so bad! God I’m such a shopping addict that on my 21st birthday, my parents sent me on a week’s long trip to Japan. I was planning to make my father broke, but thanks to the affordable products and unbelievable discounts, my dad’s bank account still showed credit balance by the end of my trip. Believe me by the end of this blog, you will be on board on your flight to Japan. Tokyo; the metro city, the city where life never stops, even at the red light, is one of the major shopping hubs with malls where you can find anything from A to Z. Tokyo is expensive but even if you are on a budget trip, Tokyo has so much to offer to you. Below are famous shopping spot in Japan that will surely give you a shopping frenzy.

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Known as the shopping district of Tokyo, Ginza fits every shopaholic’s definition of heaven. From posh boutiques, expensive branded outlets to affordable souvenir shops, departmental stores, every day sale shops and what not. The variety of fashion outlets and the styles reflect the fast paced and chic lifestyle of the people in Tokyo.

Ginza Japan


Now calmer, the small Edo city of Asakusa once housed numerous craftsmen, artisans, merchants and traders. The small streets and alleys will remind you of old Egyptian towns, each leading into the other like a mini labyrinth. If you are setting up your home and need vintage ornaments, you have come to the right place. You can find beautiful Noren (curtains), vintage tables and chairs, frames, mirrors and small decorative corners. Back streets are a better option for finding similar goods at much cheaper prices. The long stretch of Kappbashi-dori is famous for its culinary utensils and supplies. You can find awesome bargains because of the numerous shops there. Furthermore, do make a stop at the Nakamise-dori for souvenirs to take back home.

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Asakusa Japan


Take a mini hiking up this mini slope; Kagurazaka, and witness beautiful traditional Japanese goods shops on your way. You will find beautifully carved wooden sandals, purses made out of kimono fabric, hand-dyed fabrics, handmade jewelry, hand carved wooden frames and vases. All these goods are specially made for tourists to take a little piece of Japan back home. These accessories are usually very brightly colored and represent the true essence of Japan. They are not very pricey and sellers usually welcome bargains.

Kagurazaka Japan


Daikanyama is a place that serves the interests and needs of all. It has cafes, boutiques, fashion accessory stores, bars, clubs, and vintage furniture shops. If your nosy bookworm of a sister has accompanied you on your trip, send her to Daikinyama T-site and make a run to the nearest shopping centre to shop for hours and hours while she is taken care of.

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Daikanyama Japan


Under 30? Shibuya is the Japanese version of Las Vegas. You might feel too old if you’re over 30 here, in this city, where the young generation represents the bigger chunk of tourists. Clubs, casinos, music stores, cheap modern fashion outlets, designer wear, cafes and all that entails energetic youthful life is present here. Get your hands on latest accessories and gadgets here too at economical prices.

Shibuya Japan