Japan Halal Expo 2015 Ended, YoucoJAPAN made waves throughout!

The grandest Halal Japan Halal Expo 2015, sponsored by YouCoJAPAN finally comes to an end after two days of hustling bustling tourist and business activity

halal expo 2015 by youcoJAPAN


The 2015 Japan Halal Expo has been the talk of the town for quite a time especially now that it has finally concluded after two days of busy visitor activity. Japan Halal Expo is organized every year by local Muslim authorities in collaboration with local Halal businesses in an attempt to attract the local masses as well as foreign businesses to come and meet local businessmen for any chance of a future business together. For local businesses promoting Halal products, this event is a golden ticket to enter the global markets and excel.

This year, YouCoJAPAN.com geared up to join the squad and make the Japan Halal Expo 2015 an event celebrated and held with a greater grandeur. YouCoJAPAN announced early November that it will be the lead sponsor this year and welcomed all Muslim travelers, locals in Japan and foreign businessmen to this Expo with open arms. According to sources, Japan witnessed a greater tourist activity in the month of November mainly due to this Halal Expo.


Grilled mushroom at halal expo japan 2015


The Expo featured many stalls ranging from Halal food, Halal drinks and Halal cosmetics to beautiful jewelry, clothes, other beauty and skin products and loads more. Many stalls featured free sampling whereas some vendors who were promoting food items were giving away free food samples, cooked on the spot, to the visitors. Many stalls were giving awesome unbelievable discounts as well. The event was successful in gathering more than 4500 visitors, much more than Expo 2014. When questioned about the huge unexpected crowd turnout at the Japan Halal Expo 2015, YouCoJAPAN founder Mr. RJ Waguri Syed, said, “We are not surprised, this was expected.This was what we had worked so hard for and the results are as expected; Japan Halal Expo 2015 made it to the list of the grandest events in the world!”


YoucoJAPAN at halal expo japan


I’m sure the visitors of this huge expo second his thoughts. We asked one of the entrepreneur from Malaysia, who had come to Japan only for this Expo, about how he found the exhibition to be. He said, “I came from Malaysia in hopes of exploring business prospects in Japan which I heard weren’t so bright, but as soon as I entered the expo hall, I was sure all this was just a misnomer. I have made some great business deals and I was stunned to see how big the Halal market in Japan is. Surely the world needed to see and this was the best platform. I am definitely coming back next year with my family.”


Japan halal expo by youcojapan.com


The great Halal expo 2015 has concluded, but the celebrations, food and the beautiful memories will still be hard to dismiss for a long time. The event has set a benchmark and next year people are expecting twice the greatness and grandeur. Until next time Japan!