Bottoms Up! 4 Japanese Drinks that will Surprise you

Enough of the food, once you gobble a mouthful I know you just can’t stop but what follows after or along a fantastic Japanese meal, are the traditional Japanese drinks that make sure to add a cherry atop your wonderful dining experience. The internet is loaded with foodies sharing their experience of the wonderful Japanese cuisines but oh poor drinks, what wrong did they commit, people rarely write about them. But hey Japanese drinks are a big attention seeker for people who have the taste for them. Here are some interesting drinks that I found a ‘must share’ and a must have whenever you visit Japan.

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1.     Matcha is the most famous green teas of Japan. It is specially grown and grounded with hand is the ultimate green tea experience. It deep and rich flavor will send you rolling down tea valleys. This tea is the highlight of tea parties and if you get a chance to attend one of them, don’t let it slip.


matcha green tea japan


2.     Japan is famous for all sorts of green tea that the world adores. Hoji-cha is roasted green tea and a nutty flavor. Genmai-cha is combined with roasted brown rice, possessing a pale yellow color and mild subtle flavor, this tea gives a delicious aroma.


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Genmai-cha japan


3.     Soba Cha, a famous grain tea is made from roasted buckwheat kernels, used to make soba noodles. It has a nutty malt flavor. Mugi-Cha is made from barley kernels and is caffeine and calories free. Served mostly cold, this drink keeps heat at bay in summers.


Soba cha japan


4.     Energy drinks are a big part of Japanese chic culture. The youngsters are the biggest target market. Available with different names and brands, in small bottles, these drinks contain high amount of caffeine, natural stimulants and vitamins to keep the people going and energized whilst they work. However, the health hazards associated with excessive consumption are still debatable.


Energy drinks japan