Japanese views towards…PAKISTAN!

 What is the first thing that comes on your mind when you hear the word, “Pakistan”?


Survey results

High school and university students:“Spicy Curry” “Next to India” “No idea” “Don’t know”

Adults of age < 30:“Mangoes!” “Mango Lassi” “Earthquake volunteer” “Islam” “Gandhara”

Elderly:“Valuable Trading Partner” “Gandhara” “Friends with China”

Tourists:“Amazing Chai” “Beautiful Scenery” “Land of Hospitality”



As you can see, it is apparent that Japanese people know about the delicious cuisine of Pakistan. But it’s unfortunate that young people did not know much about the country.


The Pakistani ambassador in Japan has been trying to promote fruits and vegetables at a largest high-street retailer in Japan, AEON Corporation. Let’s hope this kind of positive exchanges increase!


Earthquake Volunteer:

Many of you may recall the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11, 2011. Many Pakistani people have visited the victims and cheered them up with warm smile and yummy food! This was widely broadcasted on Japanese TV so many people know about this!

 Valuable Trading Partner:

Elderly associate Pakistan as the ‘tower of strength’ for signing the Japanese peace treaty in 1951 at San Francisco! Pakistan also encouraged Japan’s postwar economic revival in the 1950s by exporting cotton and jute to Japan.

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Gandhara civilization developed and became the foundation of Buddhism, which is now in Pakistan. According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, almost 20,000 Japanese people visited Buddhist sites from 2007-2008!

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