Made in Japan – High quality pottery by Japanese Artist, You Shimizu (Part 2)


When an Artist creates their artwork, a lot of thought is put into the entire process. The same applies to You Shimizu, a Japanese pottery artist who dedicated his life to create high quality products that could stand the test of time. Do read on to find out more about some of his works, divided into different categories, or how he calls it the Series.


Series: The Silver Square

The “Silver Square” is featured in many of Shimizu’s artwork. The silver part adds a touch of luxury to an otherwise simple product, making people attracted to the product when they use it.


image (7)


As a part of this series, Shimizu also came up with hanging vases on the walls. The idea of creating vases hung at different heights on the wall was inspired by the musical notes in the scores. And with this, he hopes for people to enjoy his creation.



Series: The Seed

He recently started a new series which he calls the “Seed series”, inspired by the idea of “vase as an origin of plants”. The early works of the series really look like a seed, because of its small but stable form.


image (8)


As he lived closely with plants, he soon was inspired by the fact that plants have life and they could move. He was then inspired to create artworks by incorporating “life” and “motion”. So, in his latest work of the series, he created a triangular-shaped that goes upwards at the right and left, without a flat base at the bottom, and maintained the basic characteristics of a seed. His artworks too, progresses like the plants.


image (3)

The triangular shaped seed, capturing the motion of the plant


His Ultimate Goal and Vision

Shimizu is not of the opinion that his current works has reached the end state he had in mind. His ultimate goal is to create “a world without patterns”, but not something too simplistic or robotic because of its texture and form. He envisions that his artwork should be used on a daily basis and changes its face depending on food or flowers together, which is what Shimizu has been pursuing till now.


image image (14)


Other Creations

The Moon Series:  Vases in the shape of the moon from a different perspective.


White Wall

Other Activities

Shimizu also does collaborations and exhibitions with other fellow artistes, such as the Ikebana specialist at the Flower & Pottery in Harmony exhibition at Yokohama (花と器のハーモニー) and another one at Craft Ogawa, Akasaka in July 2016.

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