Mount Rokko Snow Park: Skiing And Snowboarding At Its Best!

Planning a trip to Japan in the winter months can be a wholesome experience for you and your family. Since ski is a popular sport in Japan, many rush off to the slopes for both skiing and snowboarding. But if you come from a place where the winter is bleak, Mount Rokko Snow Park near Kobe is your go to park. Mainly because it caters to the needs of beginners where one can learn and get practice as well; due to steep slope at the park. Additionally, if you do not want to purchase the ski equipment, you can always rent the gear: like ski boots, gloves, snowboards or warm clothes There’s also a snow land where your kids can have all the fun they want in the snow by building a snowman, go sledging or play rock paper scissors with the two mascots in the park. More so, they can even find exciting prizes hidden in the snow. Thus, making it an ideal place to spend your entire day where you do not even have to worry about your prayers.

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The Mount Rokko Snow Park has now established a prayer room on the left side of the entrance. It has free access, with the air conditioning on at all times, even warm water is available for Wudu. Moreover, sincethe prayer room is separated by a partition,both the genders can pray at the same time. Hence males and females do not need to worry about missing their prayers by waiting in line. Furthermore, you can leave all the food baskets at your residence and travel light to the Mount Rokko Snow Park given that the restaurant there has a full fledges menu for Muslim foodies offering halal food. So you can eat till your stomach is content!

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prayer room in rokko snow park



Other than skiing and snowboarding, you can even enjoy the incredible sight of the snow and frost covered trees by getting a panorama view of the area through the skiing chairlift that has enough space for two persons, so that parents can sit with their kids. Besides, Mount Rokko also boasts a pleasant experience in the summer months as well, by offering you the chance to feel nature. Through the icy gusts of wind coming from pure natural ice. But that is not all! You can even shop at their souvenir shops while gazing at the scenery only at Mount Rokko.



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On the other hand, getting to Mount Rokko is no rocket science. From the Rokko Stationat the RokkoMichi station on the JR line, you can easily manage to go by foot on to the Rokko mountain ropeway station upward the mountain and by bus to the snow park. So hurry on, the breath taking nightscape awaits you!


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