CITY GUIDE: Nagoya City (名古屋市)


Nagoya (名古屋市) is the prime city in the Chubu region in Japan. It is known to be the third largest unified city and fourth most populous urban city. Nagoya is situated on the Pacific coast and is the major port area of Japan among Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba and Osaka. It is the capital of Aichi Prefecture, and is home to many businesses in Japan.

Nagoya is the centre of the third largest metropolitan region, called the Chukyo Metropolitan Area. It is a humid city with a subtropical climate with hot-lemonade-quench-worthy-summers with moderate rainfall and cool winters with slightly less rain.

Tourists should consider coming around June to experience the Atsuta Festival, closely followed by July Port Festival and August Nagoya Castle Summer Festival. Nagoya welcomes winter tourists with their October Nagoya Festival and Street Performers Festival.

This city has stored an amazing experience for art lovers with countless museums that displays its history and culture. Nagoya Art Museum, among so many others, displays awestruck paintings and beautiful sculptures. Al the modern art is exhibited at the Aichi Art Centre.



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