CITY GUIDE: Osaka City (大阪市)


Osaka City (大阪市) is the second most populous city and the second largest metropolitan area in Japan. Tourists who comes to Osaka would learn to fall in love with the culinary specialties and a variety of shopping goods. It is said that Osaka has the best food in Japan, but it really up to you to make your judgment.

Osaka is also a place that caters to shoppers. Two main spots are at Umeda (North) and Namba (South). Connecting these two places is a shopping street called Shinsaibashi Suji (600m).  If you don’t mind a longer shopping street, Tenjinbashi-suji arcade would most probably keep you busy for the whole day. Standing at 2.6km, it is probably the longest in Japan starting from the road near to Tenmangu shrine.

Besides that, don’t forget to visit Dotonburi. With bright neon lighted signboards and situated next to a canal, you might even spot some of the scenes in famous Japanese dramas and movies.

If you are into electronics, you should visit Den Den Town. It’s the electronic hub of Osaka with all the latest gadgets and electronics of all types. Umeda district in Osaka has shopping malls such as Hankyu Sanbangai and Yodobashi Camera. It’s an enormous electronic store with different fashion outlets, restaurants.



Consider getting a place to stay in Osaka to experience the wide range of food varieties here. Tickle your taste buds. Check them out!



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