Places you ‘must’ visit in Odawara!

When I visited Japan, I had no idea a small city like Odawara ever existed in Japan. It wasn’t until one of my Japanese colleagues mentioned the beautiful Odawara castle in this city and I was intrigued to learn more. As I sat down that night to make a my trip plan, I was flabbergasted. This city is a gem and a day’s trip from Tokyo. It has a castle, an excellent beach, historical structures, flavorful local food and to top it all, it is only 850 yen one path from Shinjuku in the heart of Tokyo, by the Odakyu Line. Odawara has a modest entertainment locale south of the station reached by ducking into the magnificently retro Osharedoori passageway curve. All the significant sights are walking distance from the station so you never need to stress over transport once you reach the station.


Odawara Castle

Among the numerous Japanese, Odawara Castle is surely one that merits your valuable consideration and time. The embodiment of Japanese society and legacy, this castle stands erect, some of its old structures still in place. The main tower is somewhat huge and extremely lovely. Inside you’ll discover different displays on 5 stories. The main tower you see now is a reconstruction of 1960. There are 5 stories, yet from the outside you can’t see every one of them as one is underground. The stronghold channel and stone dividers stayed as they were. The recreation center encompassing the mansion is likewise exceptionally wonderful.

Odawara Castle - youcojapan


Odawara Castle Park and Museum

Inside of the broad Odawara Castle Park is the Odawara Castle History Museum (entry costs 300 yen or a joint ticket for the exhibition hall and palace is 600 yen), which introduces the historical backdrop of Odawara as a Tokaido post town and the historical backdrop of the Hojo clan. Odawara Castle grounds are a surely understood place now for cherry-bloom seeing (hanami) in spring and the castle park likewise contains plum trees, which bloom in late February and early March, azaleas and wisteria.

Odawara Castle Park and Museum - youcojapan


Miyukinohama Beach

The main beach here in Odawara is called Miyukinohama (御幸の浜), for the Japanese word “miyuki” or 御幸 which implies imperial visit. It is in memory of the ruler Meiji who visited with his mistress in 1873 to watch neighborhood fishing. The shoreline is known for its beautiful magnificence and is secured with round rocks, ideal for a family picnic.

Miyukinohama beach - youcojapan


Wanpaku Land

“Wanpaku-area Park” found near Ikoi-no-mori is loaded with greenery. Kids can ride on a small train and a horse. In the recreation center, a roller slide is assembled from the third floor of Cosmo World, which summons a decent view. You will appreciate strolling around amongst the trees yet the genuine highlights are a mini train, a super-long slippery dip and a few decent climbing castles.

odawara Wanpaku Land - youcojapan