Serene Flower Gardens of Kyushu.

Seasons are a principle theme in the Japanese society. Blossoms are similar to mirrors to the seasons, mirroring the progression of time. Fittingly flower viewing is an extremely prevalent custom in Japan as most unmistakably found in the yearly festivities encompassing the cherry blossoms, however not restricted to them. There are numerous spots in Japan where different types of flowers can be observed at distinctive times of the year. Flower gardens and herbal greenhouses are normally extraordinary areas for flower viewing. A few sanctuaries and temples are known for specific blossoms. The following is a rundown of spots which are famous for flower viewing in Kyushu.


Kawachi Fujien Wisteria Garden

Kawachi Wisteria Garden is a private greenery enclosure in the lush slopes south of main Kitakyushu, known for its fantastically introduced, extensive quantities of wisteria blossoms. The garden is opened to people in general around late April to mid May and amid the maple leaf season pre-winter. The garden’s most noticeable elements are two long passages made of wisteria trees of varying assortments and hues, ranging from white to dull purple. Moreover, there is a gathering of huge wisteria trees that together shape a colossal top of hanging flowers. T small hill overlooking the garden provides decent perspectives over the ocean of wisteria blooms and the encompassing valley which is know for its bamboo forests.

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Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch is an amusement park in Nagasaki Prefecture which is reconstructed as a Dutch town. It is named after one of the residence of the Dutch Royal Family. The extensive resort is surrounded by a European environment with its pleasant streams, famous windmills, delightful greenhouses and architecture. Seasonal flowers further improve the appeal of the view. Guests can have a decent time enjoying the sceneries, getting a charge out of the numerous attractions, appreciating a lunch or dinner at one of the numerous eateries or bunting on the . Different events are held at various times of the year, for instance, a tulip festival during spring and a fireworks show in the late spring.

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Flower Park Kagoshima

The Flower Park Kagoshima is situated close to the southern tip of the Satsuma Peninsula. It is an extensive, appealing park with about a large portion of a million plants of more than 2400 unique assortments. There are different species from tropical regions everywhere throughout the world, including Brazil, Australia and South Africa. The park extends along the coast for around 500 meters, covering around three kilometers of strolling trails. The park is separated into 3 main areas. The Floral Zone is the main area, and starts at the park’s entryway. It incorporates a wide assortment of blooms in both indoor and open air settings. The Breezy Zone is more open and guests can appreciate the vibe of the sea wind. The Brilliant Zone incorporates large portions of the recreation center’s most noteworthy views, giving perspectives onto the water and coastline.

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