Skajyan- The Japanese Vintage Fashion

When I visited a Japanese fashion show in America, I was somewhat intrigued as the male models wore these embroidered jackets made of leather like material. Back then, I didn’t know what they were called or what they represented in Japan. It wasn’t until 2014, when I finally visited Tokyo and heard about Skajyan; the Japanese vintage Jacket worn by both male and female. These jackets are made of synthetic shiny material with big embroidered motif on the back. The motifs are usually flashy and glamorous often in the form of skulls, flowers, crosses, sceneries etc.

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Where did it start?

According to Japanese memoirs, Skajyan fashion started after World War II when American soldiers in the Yokosuka area started to get their jackets embroidered with Japanese drawings and sceneries. There are, however, two theories that explain the origin of its name. These jackets were called souvenir jackets among the soldiers. In 1960, the name changed to Skajyan. People say it is the shortening of the word “Yokosuka Jumper” and some say it is shortening of the word “Sky Dragon Jumper” since most people got that embroidered on their jackets.

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The Fabric..

Skajyan is made of Satin and velveteen. For insulating in cold weather, quilting is used.

The motifs..

The motifs varied with time. In its early days, people got sky dragons and skulls embroidered. As the fashion evolved and females started adorning these, the motifs took shape of sceneries or Japanese women with a cherry blossom tree or seasons. In modern times, the youngsters get funky texts and symbols embroidered on their jackets.

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How much do they cost?

The prices can be high if the piece is vintage made however discounted prices are available for fresh made jackets but then one has to compromise on the quality. One cannot be sure of the life of the jacket if he buys a cheap jacket. Vintage and branded pieces can cost as high as 40,000 yen. However, areas where there are many Skajyan shops, you can expect a good discount with good quality.


Where to buy?

Ueno Ameyoko is the place where you will find abundant stores that sell Skajyan, in Ameyoko Center Building. It is located just adjacent to Ueno Station. This place is packed with food stalls and other shops. You can expect a good bargain here because of a lot of competition in the area. So do take advantage of the opportunity and you will definitely find a good quality Skajyan at cheaper price here.

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