Skiing Atop the Japanese Peaks

The wet cool air slams into the mountains along the Sea of Japan coast, bringing about overwhelming snowfall. A few regions experience compelling measures of precipitation with snow depth of three to six meters. Fittingly, Japan offers numerous famous destinations for snow seekers. While the vast majority of Japan’s significant urban areas, including Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, get just little measures of snow, areas offering snow encounters are promptly open from them. The snow season in Japan is long and in a few spots starts as right on time as November and keeps going into May, with the crest being in February. Following are the 3 most famous ski resorts in Japan that open in Early November to tourists when it snows cats and dogs.



Karuizawa is an up market mountain resort at the foot of the dynamic fountain of liquid magma Mount Asama in Nagano Prefecture. Situated at a height of approximately 1000 meters, the town gives a charming getaway from the midyear heat. It was initially “discovered” and advanced as a mountain resort by Western occupants of Japan in the late 1800s. Different open air exercises, for example, tennis, trekking, cycling, hitting the fairway in summer and skiing and ice skating in winter can be enjoyed in Karuizawa, and there are adequate shopping opportunities. Opening in early November, the Karuizawa Prince Ski Resort is one of the earliest resorts to open, although the snow is often man made.


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Hakuba, situated in the Northern Alps of Nagano Prefecture, is one of Japan’s most mainstream ski territories, offering great snow and a few substantial ski resorts to look over. Amid the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, Hakuba increased overall acknowledgment as it facilitated a few olympic competitions. Today, a portion of the Olympic Games stay being used, for example, the Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium. There is additionally the Hakuba Olympic Village Memorial Hall, a little yet intriguing gallery, situated within walking distance of the ski jump. Ten of the significant resorts have collaborated to offer the “Hakuba Valley Ticket” bundle, which gives rebates on various day lift tickets to be utilized at any of the participating resorts.


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Yuzawa in Niigata Prefecture is one of the biggest and the most easily accesible ski territories from Tokyo. You can be on the inclines from Tokyo Station in less than two hours. Yuzawa is known for profound powder and a long season; with some of its resorts open from mid November to late May. There are roughly twenty resorts in and around Yuzawa, differing in size from one to more than thirty lifts. While some are close to the town focus, others are more remote; however they are all accessible by open transportation. Yuzawa is additionally known for its onsen (hot springs), with showers situated at the ski resorts, inns, open shower houses and shinkansen stations, including a shower and in addition a historical center at the Echigo-Yuzawa Station.


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