FOOD GUIDE: Soba (そば , 蕎麦)


Even though the word Soba (そば or 蕎麦) is used to define any thin noodle, it is mostly refers to a special type of thin noodle prepared from buckwheat flour. It is grown largely in Hokkaido prefecture of Northern Japan.

The delicious noodle has a simple taste with brittle texture that makes it different from other types of thin noodles. Soba is especially enjoyed in the mountainous regions where climate does not permit the growth of wheat. When deep fried, these buckwheat noodles can serve as a delicious appetizer.

Hot Soba is normally served with dashi broths or soups containing meat or vegetables, garnished on top with sliced onions and different flavors of chili. During the hot summer months, cold Soba with dipping sauces like Tsuyu are most popular. Tsuyu is made even more flavorful by adding Wasabi or scallions to it.

Soba can be paired with a variety of side dishes however, its distinct texture is best savored when cold.


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