Are you ready for SUMMER this year?


Summer is the season where the Japanese would spend more time outdoors, going for festivals and dress up in their festival clothes (Yukata and Jinbei mainly, with some Summer Kimono going on as well).

As a country with four seasons, Japan has a lot to offer. One location may have different look and feel to it during different time.

Why visit Japan during Summer? Especially if you’re from a warm country, right? Well, that’s a question most people ask. And we have an answer for you: because of the short season, the Japanese tends to appreciate the changes. As such, festivals are held frequently during this short span of time where people could go out without lugging a coat or worry about the sea being too cold.

Seasonal food like fruits and cold noodles are also served during the heat of Summer. Come and enjoy the different cuisine that is only sold during this short period of time! And oh, did we mention the lip-smacking Hakuto peaches as well as Japan’s special Kyoho grapes?

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