Surprising and unique Japanese make up trends!

1. Shironuri Makeup
It’s derived from Kyoto’s famous Geiko, Geisha, Maiko. It is all about white face makeup, lenses, eye lashes, hand drawn artwork, flower petals, a wig and customized fashion.


Wow…It’s very…artistic…Her eye makeup design is in fact amazing! But I can’t deny that they kind of look like…ghosts!! Would love to try it once though!


2. Gyaru Make-up!

Gyaru is a transliteration of the English word, gal. Gyaru makeup consists of having blonde hair, dark skin, long nails and fake eyelashes.


Wonder how much time she puts into doing her hair…The nails are so long, yet she manages to do makeup pretty well! She says she can even cook with those nails!!


3. Men’s Visual Kei Makeup

Japanese musicians have started the Visual kei movement. It is known for men having heavy makeup, elaborated hair style and extravagant costumes.


This person actually looks much better without makeup!! We must admit, his hair spiking technique is quite admirable. AND the Grape juice part was hilarious!