This is for those who are a fan of the Super Mario series or those who like to go go-karting. And Japan is the only country where you can live the game in real life and take the seat by driving around in the streets of Tokyo. A service popular in Tokyo city (now in Nagoya too) dubbed Akiba Kart where go-karts are available for rental in where you can dress up as a character from Super Mario or just wear your regular clothes..

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dubbed Akiba Kart




How it works

Anyone with a valid Japanese driver’s license or an international license can drive the Kart. Akiba Kart is really a much needed and new way to discover Tokyo. You get a full tank of gas and can drive the kart all along for 80km and can surely go out of Akihabara, just make sure you have enough gas left to come back to the original location since you cannot desert the kart. You can either enjoy your go-kart alone or with a group. For 2,700 yen, per hour the Akiba Kart is worth every penny. And you do not need to wear a seatbelt! Moreover, if you become an Akiba Kart member, you can get a discount, say slightly less at 2000 yen.



Akiba Kart




Additionally, these are proper functioning karts with a license plate. They have simple no-brainer controls with just gas pedals, brake, reverse gears and neutral drive including turn signals and blinkers. The kart comes with a little red flag, side view mirrors and a horn just to grasp the attention of other drivers around you and you do not get squashed by a massive truck. Moreover, if you have a family or a friend who does not own a driver’s license, they can rent a bike for 1000yen without any time limit. If you want some music in your kart, you can rent one with a speaker to listen to some tunes. Those who do not feel so comfortable driving in a foreign country, they can have a guide driver do the driving. For all those who want to take awesome videos and pictures from the drivers view, there is also a GoPro camera to rent.