Tips for a Wallet Friendly Japanese Trip for the Money Savvy


Tips for a Wallet Friendly Japanese Trip


Japan, an economy growing rapidly in the modern era, is making milestones in the field of medicine, science, technology, infrastructure and what not. With expansion comes greater demand and Japan has been attracting quite a mob from around the world lately. Cost of living in Japan is not what it used to be a decade back. In recent years, Tokyo has been labeled one of the most expensive cities in the world but there is nothing in this world that can compel men with love for adventure, good food and nature, to not visit Japan. But Japan is not entirely expensive. If one spends smartly, they can enjoy Japan to its fullest, within the bounds of their wallet. Here are some ways you can enjoy a cheap and fun trip to Japan.

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Take a bus

Cross country rail pass have become very overpriced in Japan due to a bigger number of tourists visiting each year. Whereas the bus network has become stronger where buses have been made comfortable and fit to suit the needs of a king. The roads in Japan ensure a smooth journey and on-board facilities like clean, soft, cozy, comfortable and reclining seats with over head blinds so one can sleep comfortably. Bus companies in Japan offer a variety of deals suiting the needs and preferences of locals and tourists both. There are family value packages, trip packages as well as individual packages.

Feast on Local Fast Food

Calorie conscious? Afraid you’ll put on extra pounds? Don’t worry Japanese people are very health conscious and Fast food in Japan does not mean food oozing with cheese and oil. It means crispy meats-all sorts of meats, fried in light batter served with a steaming bowl of rice along with steamed vegetables and simple broth soup. Basic meals in Japan that are cooked in hygienic conditions cost you as low as $1.30 but bigger portions and fancier restaurants cost you slightly higher. There are many vending machines on roadsides that offer economical ready to eat meals, for days you are too tired to stop by at a restaurant.

Rely on Take Away and Frozen food

Many tourists go on weeklong hikes, picnics and camping. Suiting their gustatory needs, many super markets in Japan offer premium quality and fresh take away meals like Sushi, Noodles, Ramen and Udon. They also offer frozen food since many tourists have a microwave oven back in their hotels. Frozen foods are a very nice option where you can enjoy cheap, good quality food in the comfort of your own room. They can also be carried to hikes, picnics and camping.

Grab a Grutt Pass

Japanese tourism department has taken many steps to make Japan tourist friendly, creating easy alternatives and economical ticket packages for sightseeing. One of those initiatives is the Grutt pass. If you have a thing for museums and art galleries, Grutt pass is your lottery ticket. Costing around $20, Grutt pass gives you ease of admission into over 50 museums, art galleries and attractions across Tokyo. It offers you amazing packages, discounted entry and some places also free of cost entry.

Always remember research is key. Make sure to do your homework before you pack your bags!