Toba: your Vacations Starts here!

Toba City, Mie Prefecture, proposes a Muslim friendly tour exclusively for Muslim tourists to meet Ise-ShimaAma divers. Ama refers to a Japanese traditional woman diver that have been existing since 3.000 years ago. In Ise-Shima, theAma culture becomes one of the most talked about attractions for tourist coming to this area.



Ama women diver




Located in the heart ofIse-Shima National Park, the crystal clear sea and the incredible islands in Toba are deeply connected with the local lifestyle. In this city, fisherman and Ama were sanctified with plentiful of sea and have been in existence for 2000 years in Toba. In Toba you not only receive a firsthand ecotourism experience to feel the nature but also to observe the local lifestyle, and greet the people through their guided tour. You can also get a similar experience at  Matsushima Island.



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Things to do

In Toba there are activities and fun things to do each season. If you happen to visit in spring, you can enjoy sakura in Toba castle remains, lunch in Toshi Island, visit Mikimoto Pearl Island, enjoy Fuji flower in Medaka no Gakkou and learn leaf crafting with the sushi master. You can even join their Snorkel tour to discover the beauty of Ise-Shima National Park. For all the foodies, take a scrumptious bite of their local cuisine in their culinary walks.




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On Muslim friendly Ama encounter tours, tourist will have a lifetime opportunity to meet with the legendry Ama-san and have a warm and friendly conversation with these sea conservators in their Ama hut. Ama hut implies to a hut in which the woman divers cook their food, rest and warm their body, and share their incredible tales once they are done with trapping seashells and sea urchin in the sea. These days, most of these Ama huts are used as seafood restaurants run by Ama-san after they are through with their diving activity. At this significant half day trip, Muslim tourist can relish fresh seafood grilled by the Ama without any haram food item. There will also be a prayer room prepared for the Muslim tourist’s .The place for ablution and washlet-toilet with warm water will also be provided at the hut for Muslim tourist’s convenience. The tour includes OsatsuAma Culture Museum, Ishigami Shrine visit, and pick up service from Toba Station. There are also going to be English speaking staff.



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