Few Amazing Historical Places in Kochi – #BlastFromThePast

Located south of Shikoku region, facing the vast Pacific Ocean is a small town called Kochi. Featuring a variety of natural bodies like huge beautiful mountains and small rivers with clear water, Kochi is the birthplace of many notable figures in Japan. For people seeking peace, sanctity and nearness to nature and its pulchritude, Kochi is a must go.

Burakuji Temple

Burakuji Temple - Youco Japan

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Having the distinction of being the oldest building in the region, this national treasure that still stands erect and intact was built in 1200 and dedicated to the souls of late physicians. This temple also houses a famous Buddha statue.

Hotsumisakiji Temple

Hotsumisakiji Temple - YoucoJapan

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There is a famous pilgrimage route in Shikouku region where 88 temples fall in the way one by one as you go. Hotsumisakiji temple takes the 24th place. It is located on Cape Muroto in 800. For a more picturesque view of the Pacific Ocean, don’t miss climbing the Cape Muroto lighthouse.

Kochi Castle

Kochi Castle

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Kochi housed the feudal lord of the Edo era and his family. Everything from the halls, gate and tower were built three centuries back yet still intact.

Enkoji Temple

Enkoji Temple - YoucoJapan

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Holding 39th place on Shikoku pilgrimage route, this beautiful temple has serene gardens with colorful leaves. It was built under emperor’s orders in 724. Don’t forget your camera.

Ryugado Cave

Ryugado Cave - YoucoJapan

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Measuring 4kms in length, Ryugado is the 3rd longest cave in Japan. It has been declared a national historic site. You will also find an earthenware vessel within the stalactites called God’s vessel by the locals.

Shimanto River

Shimanto River - YoucoJapan

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Known to be the only Japanese river that has clear flowing water, Shimanto stretches 196km. A famous Chinkabashi bridge is built on top of the river which is rainstorm resistant owing to its structure, where people can take refuge when the river swells. It is a perfect picnic spot with lush green mountains surrounding the area. You can ride boats or row a canoe or even just relax and dip your feet in the cool clear water.

Katsurhama Beach

Katsurhama Beach - YoucoJapan

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Let the blue waters of Pacific Ocean touch your feet at this neat and serene beach. Katsurhama beach has its fame due to the natural surroundings it is situated within and the peaceful atmosphere here. People come for basking in the sun, relaxing after a long day or just a stroll after dinner. Swimming is highly unadvised due to the huge tide and currents here. So just stay away from the water and adore its color and beauty from a distance and let it soothe your eyes.

Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum

Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum - YoucoJapan

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A prominent figure in 1800, this museum was built in memory of Sakamoto Ryoma. He was one of those leaders in Japan who helped Japan take a giant leap into modernization. His life is a mix of dramatic events due to his role in the society. Japanese people hold great respect for him and the sacrifices he made for the entire Japanese nation. His belongings as well as pictures and notable contributions are all part of the museum. It seems like the museum is telling his whole story as you step in.