Weekly Facts: 8 Places to enjoy the Sakura season in Japan!

March madness in Japan is not only breath taking beautiful but full of surprises. It’s Sakura time and here are 8 places you must visit to fully enjoy this festival.


Goryokaku Park, Hakodate

There are over 1600 trees in Goryokaku Park which so beautifully welcome the cherry blossom season. They look even beautiful at night when these trees are covered in lights.


Rikugi-en, Tokyo

Rikugi-en is a circuit style garden with small hills and springs. It has beautiful trees covering the area.


Yamashita Park, Yokohama

Yamashita Park is a seaside park located in front of the Yokohama Port. Here at Yamashita Park, you will get to view the blooming sakuras all over in the midst!


Kinkouwan, Kagoshima

Here, you can have a great view of the Kagoshima Bay, waves as well as Sakurajima. Drop by Sengan-En Garden (Iso-Teien Garden) which was constructed as a guest house of the Kagoshima Castle (Tsurumaru Castle).


Lake Kawaguchi, Yamanashi

Nothing can ever beat the combination of Mount Fuji and Sakuras at Lake Kawaguchi. Fuji Lake Kawaguchi Sakura Festival is a must visit!! Visit places like Chureito Pagoda on a clear day to take pictures of famous pictures of Mt. Fuji and the pagoda, and Ubuyagasaki for a clear view.


Asukayama Park, Tokyo


A well-known local spot for Sakura, the Asukayama Park (飛鳥山公園) is located next to Oji station in Tokyo. Opened in the 18th century, this place still carries its old Edo charms. And here, you can find playgrounds filled with children playing happily with two preserved trains at the background.


Meguro River, Tokyo


via KeanPoh Photography

Paper lanterns lining at the sides of the river, lighting the Sakura. That’s what you will see when you visit the Sakura Matsuri (Festival) at the beginning of April in Nakameguro. The stretch between Tenjinbashi and Horaibashi will be lit during the season. Do come earlier to enjoy the Sakura during the day, hang around the stylish cafes nearby, and resume when the lights are turned on at night.


Ueno Park, Tokyo



Famous destination for locals and travelers alike, the Ueno Park houses over 1200 blooming trees during the Hanami season. As “reservations” for spots are usually done beforehand by the locals, beautiful spots would most probably be taken up especially during the week nights as well as the weekends. You can decide to visit during the weekdays when the crowd is a little less. But it is always the “crowded moments” that you get to experience the fun side of Japan.