Weekly Fun Facts: Japanese Fake Food that can send you in shock!


In Japan, if the food looks too good, it might not even be real !

Known for their attention to detail, Japan is the home to “fake food” . The replica of food is widely used by restaurants and stalls to give a visual idea of how the food looks like. And it seems like, the foreigners are loving it more than the Japanese themselves!

We managed to ask a few people about of their opinion on these fake food, and the answers seemed pretty fun! Read on!

#1 : I can’t read in Japanese, so these replica gives me a good idea of what to expect! <Julia, 22, tourist>


Source: japantimes.co.jp

#2 : The best part about fake food? They “defy” gravity! <Michael, 34, “salaryman”>

The fork / chopsticks are always floating, so some people found it interesting to see it that way. While people know it is not real, they can’t help but to marvel at the look of these replica. How can the craftsmen make these so real?


Source: oyatsubox.com


#3 : My foreign co-workers will always insist on going to certain restaurants, because they had great food replica displayed outside <Shunsuke, 29, consultant >

Somehow, we do not disagree that this is a huge selling point especially to foreign customers who are not able to read or speak the language. Even some of the locals themselves struggle with the name of the food, they can’t from the dish name and these replicas save time for them.


Source: huffingtonpost.com


#4 : It is not limited to just Japanese sushi. There are other things as well! <Selina, 21, student>

Some people liked the fact that the Japanese craftsmen could even make something like Ramen or intricate details such as the spring onions (negi, ネギ) on top of the Ramen. Some could even make things like Kakigoori (shaved ice with syrup).  But the best thing about fake food is that you don’t need real food to be used as display. That would be too wasteful (mottainai, もったいない)


Source: pinterest.com


#5 : The amount of energy they put in to making these is crazy! <Fabien, 37, finance industry>

Japan is known for their attention to detail. Nothing escapes them, said one of our interviewees. He is of the opinion that the Japanese spends a lot of energy in creating high value and quality products.

Fancy some spray-paint on your beef?


Source: cbsnews.com

How to get there?

So, some people did ask, “Where can I experience the fake food making class?” . Our recommendation is for you to pay a visit to the famous Kappabashi Street.

If you are wondering where it is, it is somewhere between Ueno and Asakusa. And the closest station to this location is the Tawaramachi Station (Ginza line).

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