Weekly Fun Facts: Crazy Facts About Japan

1. Until 2015, Late night dancing and clubbing was a crime in Japan.

late night party japan


 2. For ease of stacking and storing, square watermelon is grown in Japan that is equally good as the round ones.

Square watermelon japan


3. The demand for adults diaper is more than baby diapers, so low is the birth rate in Japan.

baby diaper demand japan


4. A Japanese Titanic Survivor was called a coward for not dying with the rest of the people on board and saving his life.

Japan titanic survivor


5. Sleeping on job is very acceptable in Japan as a way of venting out exhaustion after hard work.

sleeping on job


 6. Technically, WWII is not over because Russia and Japan never signed a peace treaty because of Kuril Island dispute.

World war 2 japan and russia


 7.  Black Cats are a sign of good luck in Japan

7. Black Cats are a sign of good luck in Japan


 8. In Japan, a disruption fee is charged to the family of the deceased, who commits suicide by jumping in front of a train.

Bullet train japan


 9. Around 24 Billion pairs of Chopsticks are used in Japan each year.

Chopsticks japan


  10. 90% of Japanese mobile phones are waterproof because the youth uses them even during showers.