Kabutoya Ryokan Hotel Hinohara, Japan - Muslim Friendly Hotel

Kabutoya Ryokan Hotel

A 250-year-old thatched-roofed house dating back to Kazuma-no Sato’s ancient time, Kabuto basically means a warrior’s helmet. Living in the Kabuto-shaped roof wooden inn would transport you to our predecessor’s wisdom.

The place provides cool breeze in summer and cozy warmth in the winter, as constructed for silkworm raise.

Enjoy the dishes served here, where ingredients such as the fresh mountain herbs and river fishes are paired in harmony. And while enjoying your stay here, enjoy the sound of the nearby streams, melodious tweets of the bird as well as the warmth of the trees.

Located in the great nature of Tokyo, it is accessible by public transportation.
Take a train to JR Musashi Itsukaichi station and transfer to the Nishi Tokyo Bus (Bus五里10t) towards Kazuma (51 stops). Alight at Kazuma bus stop (the last stop) and walk for 10 minutes.


Make Halal

Access Information

Price Range: Above ¥10,000

Open Hours:


Nearest Stations :

Car/Bus Only

Address: 2612, Kazuma Hinohara-mura, Nishitama-gun,

City: Hinohara

Phone: 042-598-6136

Website: http://www2n.biglobe.ne.jp/kabutoya/english/

Muslim Friendly Facility

Halal Food: No

Prayer Room: No

Prayer Mat: Yes

Qibla Direction: Yes

Other Hotel Facilities

  • free space at chatting room
  • public hot spring bath
  • souvenir shop
  • hall
  • guest room with hot spring bath
  • guest room with Irori (Japanese traditional fire place)

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