Ajino Uotaka Odawara, Japan - Muslim Friendly Restaurant

Make Halal

Ajino Uotaka


The head chef creates delicious dishes with luxurious ingredients such as seafood and vegetables from the surrounding sea and mountains of Odawara.

Here, lunch sets (limited to 30 people) include soba and Tendon (seafood rice bowl) costs only 990 yen. Evening courses are even better. The best recommended course is the one which uses fresh seasonal ingredients chosen by the head chef.

The head chef would love to welcome you with a bright smile so please come to Ajino Uotaka!

Price Range Lunch: Below ¥1,000

Price Range Dinner: No Dinner


Open Hours: 11:30-14:00, 17:00-22:00

Close Hours:

City: Odawara

Nearest Stations :


Address: 1-10-1 Sakaemachi, Odawara, Kanagawa

Phone: 0465-24-6877

Website: http://www.med-i.co.jp/uotaka/about/index.html

Halal Meat Menu



Ajino Uotaka - 味乃魚隆

Halal Meat Menu


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