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cocolate Oita

ココラート 大分店

Cocolate is a bakery and café.
To produce harmonious flavor, we carefully select ingredients and serve handmade products.

At our café, we offer vegetable lunch or genuine desserts by our patissiers.
Do drop by and spend some relaxing time with us.

Price Range Lunch: ¥1,001 - ¥2,000

Price Range Dinner: ¥1,001 - ¥2,000


Open Hours: [Mon - Sat] 11:30-17:00 [Sun: Closed]

Close Hours:

City: Oita

Nearest Stations :

Car/Bus Only

Address: 1st Floor Kifune Building, Chuocho 2-9-3, Oitashi, Oita

Phone: 097-536-1807


Halal Meat Menu



cocolate Oita - ココラート 大分店

Halal Meat Menu


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