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Indian Cuisine SAPUNA


The atmosphere of the store is special, with the unique ethnic feel and bright sunlight from large windows, making the place feel spacious.

There are 10 types of freshly baked Naan in the tandoor oven, you’d have a chance to taste a variety of Naan. We have different flavors such as Cheese Naan and Garlic Naan.

We offer lunch deals on the weekends as well, serving drinks, salad, Malai Tikka, Sadanan, Mini Rice and different choices of curry as well as Sapuna Lunch.
Besides that, we also have an enhanced Kid’s Menu with delicious mild curry that it is easy for children to eat.

With the heartwarming service by the friendly and helpful staff, we hope to give you great experience at our restaurant. As our restaurant is located in an accessible area with available parking spaces, it is easy for patrons to drop by. We also have dishes for the whole family.

Price Range Lunch: Below ¥1,000

Price Range Dinner: ¥1,001 - ¥2,000


Open Hours: [Mon-Fri]11:00-15:30,17:00-22:30 [Sat,Sun,Holiday]11:00-22:30

Close Hours:

City: Nagasaki

Nearest Stations :

Car/Bus Only

Address: Nagasaki-ken, Nagasaki-shi, Yagamimachi, 35−1

Phone: 095-839-3221


Halal Meat Menu



Indian Cuisine SAPUNA - インド料理専門店サプナ

Halal Meat Menu


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