Kyo-Kaiseki Minokichi Shinsaibashi Midosuji Osaka, Japan - Muslim Friendly Restaurant

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Kyo-Kaiseki Minokichi Shinsaibashi Midosuji

美濃吉 心斎橋御堂筋店

In April 1992, the Kyoto Minokichi main store was renovated to become Kyokaiseki Minokichi “Takeshigero”, formed by the main building and the annex. The main building in Sukiyazukuri style was designed by Japanese Architect Takashi Sugiyama.

The building was named after Takeshigero in remembrance of Satake’s family restaurant  and bamboo were planted  (“take” means bamboo)

In the mossy bamboo forest yard, there is a stream, little waterfall and springs that let us feel the calmness of mountain village. From each seat, you can enjoy the view of four seasons with the Japanese relaxing scenery.

Price Range Lunch: ¥2,001 - ¥3,000

Price Range Dinner: ¥5,001 - ¥7,000


Open Hours: [Weekdays]11:30-15:00/17:00-22:00, [Sat]11:30-22:00, [Sun,Holidays]11:30-21:00

Close Hours:

City: Osaka

Nearest Stations :


Address: Minamisenba, 4−3−11, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka

Phone: 050-5786-4810


Halal Meat Menu



Kyo-Kaiseki Minokichi Shinsaibashi Midosuji - 美濃吉 心斎橋御堂筋店

Halal Meat Menu


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