Marugame Seimen Chatan Okinawa Chatan, Japan - Muslim Friendly Restaurant

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Marugame Seimen Chatan Okinawa

丸亀製麺 北谷店

To prepare delicious food, we are particular about the “human touch”.
Even if it takes more time and labor to achieve it, we would still ensure that each dish is made by hand in order to provide true satisfaction to our customers.

In the restaurant, many dedicated employees are consistently working to serve delicious food such as the Noodle chef, Tempura chef and the Rice Ball chef.

We believe that the origin of food starts with the secure and safe gathering of ingredients and serving it by the human hand. Therefore, we are particular about the “human touch ” in delivering our best.

Price Range Lunch: Below ¥1,000

Price Range Dinner: Below ¥1,000


Open Hours: 11:00 - 21:00

Close Hours:

City: Chatan

Nearest Stations :

Car/Bus Only

Address: 3-6-3 Mihama Chatan, Nakagami, Okinawa

Phone: 098-936-1310


Halal Meat Menu




Marugame Seimen Chatan Okinawa - 丸亀製麺 北谷店

Halal Meat Menu



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