Sekai Café Asakusa Tokyo, Japan - Muslim Friendly Restaurant

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Sekai Café Asakusa

セカイカフェ 浅草

We are improving our café by learning various food and culture in the world while creating our menu.

We select additive-free, low pesticide and organic ingredients as much as possible for serving safe and healthy food.

We are particular about the use of chemical substances.
(TransFat)  We do NOT use foods having a high trans fatty acid content.
(GMO)        We do NOT use the genetically-modified ingredients as far as we are able to ensure.
(MSG)         We do NOT use chemical condiments including sodium glutamate

Price Range Lunch: ¥1,001 - ¥2,000

Price Range Dinner: ¥1,001 - ¥2,000


Open Hours: 09:00-18:00

Close Hours:

City: Tokyo

Nearest Stations :


Address: 1F Oban Building,Asakusa1-18-8,Taitoku,Tokyo

Phone: 03-6802-7300


Halal Meat Menu



Sekai Café Asakusa - セカイカフェ 浅草

Halal Meat Menu


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