Unagikappou Houryou Keihan Moriguchi Moriguchi, Japan - Muslim Friendly Restaurant

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Unagikappou Houryou Keihan Moriguchi

鰻・割烹豊りょう 京阪守口店

Having Unagi (eel) as the main dish, you can enjoy seasonal Japanese dishes in this restaurant.

You can also eat seafood dishes including simmered fish, sushi and tempura.

Sanshoku don (dishes of three colors) includes soft unagi, egg and seaweed on top of rice. Unagi has good amount of fat on them and the sauce is very delicious so goes well with the eggs.

It definitely is a nice place to visit and have yummy Unagi!

Price Range Lunch: ¥1,001 - ¥2,000

Price Range Dinner: ¥1,001 - ¥2,000


Open Hours: 11:00-22:00

Close Hours:

City: Moriguchi

Nearest Stations :



Address: 7th Floor, Keihan Department Store Moriguchi, 8-3 Kawaharacho, Moriguchi-shi, Osaka

Phone: 06-6994-1305

Website: http://www.daiki-suisan.co.jp/moriguchi_houryou/

Halal Meat Menu



Unagikappou Houryou Keihan Moriguchi - 鰻・割烹豊りょう 京阪守口店

Halal Meat Menu


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