Kakusho was founded as a food shop in the late Edo period and has a history of 200 years. It is also the oldest restaurant in Gifu Prefecture. This site is also designated as a Cultural Property. A copy of the oldest menu is currently preserved at the Takayama Local Museum.

In our site (approximately 400㎡) sits the main house, the tea house and a cottage separated from the main building, located in different parts of the garden.
You can take your meal in a calm atmosphere, overlooking the traditional rooms in the beautiful garden with different attractive views at different seasons.
Please visit us and try our dishes.


Tobiccho Honten

Tobiccho puts an effort into offering delicious and fresh Shirasu (whitebait) dishes. Since Shirasu loses freshness very quickly, our restaurant would only provide ones that are caught on the day.

The most popular dish is “Tobiccho don” which includes a variety of fresh fishes and uses Sumeshi (rice mixed with vinegar). There are also other recommended dishes such as tamagoyaki (omelet), tofu, fried fish balls, Shirasu bread and also Shirasu soda for the beverages.

* If there are no available tables at that time, we might have to ask you to wait.
* Might be closed due to bad weather.


Ootoya POLA Nagoya Building

Ootoya is a Japanese franchise restaurant that offers delicious dishes at reasonable prices!

With the abundant number of dishes to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice. Dishes include fish steak, fried vegetables, warm Udon and many more.

Desserts here are a “must try” as well. Popular desserts here are Warabi mochi (bracken-starch dumpling) and Shiratama Zenzai (rice cake dumplings and black sugar ice cream)


Basashiya Masashi

We are restaurant specializing in horse meat dishes using fresh meat fresh meat directly sent from Kumamoto, which famous for its high quality meat.

Horse meat is has low calorie and high collagen with is perfect for beauty. Come join us to enjoy the new experience.

*On advance booking, lunch service is available
*Group including 10 or more people would require advanced reservation for halal beef menu.



Hanafusa is situated near the Fukuoka Art Museum and Maizuru Park.

Come and enjoy the taste of our vegetables in our homely vegetarian cuisine. Also, enjoy a relaxing time here with us.

Please note that our restaurant is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. As such, please make a reservation a day before coming over.



Tori Soba Ayam-Ya serves Halal chicken ramen.
Torisoba stands for Chicken Noodle. The ramen soup is made from chicken soup.
Here you can taste halal Japanese ramen, soy sauce taste and salt taste.
Since there are few ramen which is Halal, why don’t you come and try our ramen!
Also we provide a space for wudu and pray. Let us support your trip in Japan.



At Amamijaya, we serve our own special self-made Dumpling Soup.

If you were to visit us in the morning, you can see how our dumplings are made.

Also, our Zenzai (Japanese Dessert) and Parfait are also made by our chef.

Please come to our restaurant for a meal and have a relaxing time here.


Halal Noodle Gion Naritaya

The pioneer of 100% Halal Japanese Ramen (Noodles) with pure Japanese taste.

Now your dream of experiencing Halal Washoku (Japanese food) is coming true.

And we have another vegetarian menu, so please let us know if you are interested.



Marugame Seimen Roppongi T-Cube

To prepare delicious food, we are particular about the “human touch”.
Even if it takes more time and labor to achieve it, we would still ensure that each dish is made by hand in order to provide true satisfaction to our customers.

In the restaurant, many dedicated employees are consistently working to serve delicious food such as the Noodle chef, Tempura chef and the Rice Ball chef.

We believe that the origin of food starts with the secure and safe gathering of ingredients and serving it by the human hand. Therefore, we are particular about the “human touch ” in delivering our best.


Gattenzushi Shinjuku Nishiochiai

Our restaurant incorporates the new style Kaiten Sushi.

We always serve a variety of menu such as fresh sushi, sashimi tempura. Please make yourself at home and enjoy our sushi and dishes.

Do visit us for a wonderful Japanese sushi experience

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