Umemori Sushi School

1) Experience sushi-making with authentic sushi chefs

We provide our participants with the sushi chef’s traditional hat made of Japanese paper, gloves, and apron, to help bring them into the frame of mind of an artisan. In each class, participants make at least eight sushi pieces, where they experience the same order of sushi-making as the sushi chef—for example feeling the weight of the rice in their hands and getting a natural sense of it.

2) Enjoy sushi just as it is made, in a real sushi chef’s kitchen

We pair freshly prepared fish with steaming-hot rice, offering the kind of quality sushi that can’t be experienced in retail shops or kaiten-zushi establishments. Our plum vinegar-infused rice—fluffy and aromatic—is a key ingredient in our delectable sushi, which practically melts in your mouth. Enjoy the flavors of our authentic hand-shaped sushi.

3) Continue to enjoy your experience—even after you go home to your country

The Umemori Sushi School provides sushi-making manuals and a Graduation Certificate to each person completing our courses. Our goal is to provide our students with more than just one experience—it is our hope that our students will continue to think of Japanese culture and the memories they make here long after returning home.

We also sell a sushi-making kit.


Class Details

221 Hokkeji-cho, Nara City
(Umemori Honten Co., Ltd. Head Office)

Class Fees:
5-20 people: 2,800 yen  per person (tax excluded)
21-  people:  2,600 yen per person (tax excluded)

Tempura \400   mini Udon  \300   (tax excluded)

Reservations/inquiries:   OR
Please contact us at least a week before you wish to reserve.

Make your reservation for a time between the hours of 9:00-20:00. (Note that reservations are required.)
No. of people in party: Minimum of five/up to sixty

Length of Class:
60 minutes to 75 minutes (May vary slightly depending on number of participants and content.)

  • Safety: 5 minutes
  • How to make delicious sushi: 10 minutes
  • Experiencing sushi-making: 30 minutes
  • Meal (take-home not permitted): 15 minutes (separate menu also available)