Why Japan?

Five reasons you must visit Japan!

1) Experience the traditional festivals and events!

There are many traditional festivals and events you must go to if you have ever come to Japan! Some of them are Hanabi; fireworks festivals and Hanami: Cherry blossom viewing. In summer, night skies are colored beautifully with fireworks. And in spring, many people have a picnic party under the Sakura trees (cherry/ cherry blossom trees). The beauty is beyond description, while walking between them.

2) Taste the yummy cuisine

Japan is full of delicious food! Some of them such as Sushi, Tempura (deep fried seafood and vegetables) and Okonomiyaki (savoury pancakes) are definitely worth trying! You also got to try Sakura (cherry blossoms) flavored desserts!

3) See Japanese technology with your eyes

Did you know Japanese vending machines can recommend you a drink depending on what you wear!? At kaiten-zushi (sushi train restaurants), rotating conveyor belts can bring you sushi plates! so convinient, right? And, you probably would once like to try this incredible Japanese wonder toilet, washlet. There are much more impressive technologies in Japan!

4) Come in touch with Japanese landmarks and its rich history

Let us share some of the famous sites in Japan! To begin with, Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower offer a great view of Tokyo and the highest mountain in Japan, Mount Fuji! Japan is also rich in historical and cultural heritage such as shrines, castles and many more! You can also enjoy trekking in the mystic forest of Yakushima island (at Wilson stump, you will find a heart-shaped hole!) these are not all, why don’t you visit other stunning places and see them with your own eyes?

5) Visit unique places and also feel a great peace of mind!

100 yen stores sell a wide range of convenient products from kitchenware, stationary to snacks and drinks. The biggest store is in Tokyo, “Harajuku”, which is also a must visit destination. Enjoy experiencing the harajuku fashion and culture! Not to forget, Japanese have recently opened cat café sand owl cafes that allow the visitors to interact with the sweet animals!